Component to detect collision between any two convex polygons.

Properties and Methods

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Create a rectangle polygon based on the x, y, w, h dimensions.

By default, the collision hitbox will match the dimensions (x, y, w, h) and rotation of the object.

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public this .collision([Crafty.polygon polygon])

Crafty.polygon object that will act as the hit area

public this .collision(Array point1, .., Array pointN)

Array with an x and y position to generate a polygon

Constructor takes a polygon or array of points to use as the hit area.

The hit area (polygon) must be a convex shape and not concave for the collision detection to work.

Points are relative to the object's position and its unrotated state.

If no parameter is passed, the x, y, w, h properties of the entity will be used, and the hitbox will be resized when the entity is.

If a hitbox is set that is outside of the bounds of the entity itself, there will be a small performance penalty as it is tracked separately.


Crafty.e("2D, Collision").collision(
    new Crafty.polygon([50,0], [100,100], [0,100])

Crafty.e("2D, Collision").collision([50,0], [100,100], [0,100]);


NewHitbox [Data: Crafty.polygon]
when a new hitbox is assigned

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public Boolean/Array hit(String component)

Check collision with entities that has this component
false if no collision. If a collision is detected, returns an Array of objects that are colliding.

Takes an argument for a component to test collision for. If a collision is found, an array of every object in collision along with the amount of overlap is passed.

If no collision, will return false. The return collision data will be an Array of Objects with the type of collision used, the object collided and if the type used was SAT (a polygon was used as the hitbox) then an amount of overlap.\

   obj: [entity],
   type: "MBR" or "SAT",
   overlap: [number]

MBR is your standard axis aligned rectangle intersection (.intersect in the 2D component). SAT is collision between any convex polygon.

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public this .onHit(String component, Function hit[, Function noHit])

Component to check collisions for
Callback method to execute upon collision with component. Will be passed the results of the collision check in the same format documented for hit().
Callback method executed once as soon as collision stops

Creates an EnterFrame event calling .hit() each frame. When a collision is detected the callback will be invoked.

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