TouchState Component

Handles valid touch related events and touch points for the entity.

Note: This is an internally used component, automatically included in the TouchSystem.


TouchStart [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
when a finger is pressed
TouchMove [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
when a pressed finger is moved
TouchEnd [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
when a finger is raised
TouchCancel [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
when a touch event has been disrupted in some way

The standard Crafty TouchPointEvent object:

// event name of touch event

// identifier for this touch point, unique over the duration the finger is on the touch surface

// the closest (visible & Touch-enhanced) entity to the source of the event (if available), otherwise null

// (x,y) coordinates of the touch point in world (default viewport) space

// Original touch event, containing additional native properties

In addition to binding to these events, the current touch points can also be queried using the .touchPoints property.



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Holds data of all currently pressed touch points (useful for determining positions of fingers in every frame). Data of a touch point is lost when the respective finger is raised.


var touchPoint, touchPoints = Crafty.s('Touch').touchPoints;
for (var i = 0, l = touchPoints.length; i < l; i++) {
  touchPoint = touchPoints[i];
  Crafty.log(touchPoint.realX, touchPoint.realY); // logs coordinates in Crafty's world space
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public this .resetTouchPoints()

Reset all current touch points. Triggers appropriate "TouchCancel" events.

This method is called internally, but may be useful when running Crafty in headless mode.

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public this triggerTouch(String eventName, Object eventData)

Name of the touch event to trigger ("TouchStart", "TouchMove", "TouchEnd", "TouchCancel", ...)


The touch event to trigger

Try to trigger a touch event on this entity and persist the touch point. This method prevents inconsistent touch state. e.g. If this entity didn't receive a "TouchStart" of a identifier previously, it won't fire a "TouchEnd" event for that identifier.

This method is called internally, but may be useful when running Crafty in headless mode.


var wasTriggered = false;

   .bind('TouchEnd', function(evt) {
      wasTriggered = true;
   .triggerTouch('TouchEnd', { identifier: 0 });

Crafty.log(wasTriggered); // prints false