Just after the viewport is initialised. Before the UpdateFrame loops is started
public this Crafty.init([Number width, Number height, String stage_elem])
public this Crafty.init([Number width, Number height, HTMLElement stage_elem])
Number width

Width of the stage

Number height

Height of the stage

String or HTMLElement stage_elem

the element to use for the stage

Sets the element to use as the stage, creating it if necessary. By default a div with id 'cr-stage' is used, but if the 'stage_elem' argument is provided that will be used instead. (see Crafty.viewport.init)

Starts the UpdateFrame interval. This will call the UpdateFrame event for every frame.

Can pass width and height values for the stage otherwise will default to window size.

All Load events will be executed.

Uses requestAnimationFrame to sync the drawing with the browser but will default to setInterval if the browser does not support it.