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Currently Crafty implements sound playback through the audio element, which is buggy in some browsers. In the future we plan to switch to the Web Audio API where available.

Loading audio

To play a sound, you first have to load it. Because browser support for audio formats is inconsistent, you can supply a list of audio files, and Crafty will load only the first one which is supported in the current environment. For more information on loading assets, see Crafty.load.

// Here we're just loading a single sound, and calling it "beep".
// But you can load multiple assets at once!
var assets = {
    "audio": {
        "beep": ["beep.wav", "beep.mp3", "beep.ogg"]
Crafty.load({assets,  callback})

Playing audio

Once the sound has loaded, you can play it using the name you previously designated:


You can also specify a repeat count and a volume:

// Play the sound, repeating twice, at 75% volume:
Crafty.audio.play("beep", 2, 0.75)

To repeat a sound forever, use a repeat count of -1.

Crafty.audio.play("beep", -1)

You can also mute, pause and resume audio playback. See Crafty.audio for complete documentation.